Heroine Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Glow Toner


HEROINE Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Glow Toner by PSA can help you save face and the day with its exfoliating properties that remove dead skin cells, allowing your skin to better absorb moisturizers and serums. Its formula can also help clean and tighten pores for a clearer, more radiant complexion.

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The HEROINE Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Glow Toner by PSA is a multi-tasking product that can improve the overall appearance of your skin. By exfoliating dead skin cells, it helps your moisturizers and serums to penetrate better into the skin, and it also helps to tighten and clarify pores for a radiant complexion. Its unique blend of mandelic acid, licorice root extract, and superfoods makes it a refreshing and nourishing toner that can leave your skin looking and feeling revitalized.


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