CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil


Experience the ultimate recovery formula for all skin types with our CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil. This highly potent formula features youth-activating Vitamin C, wrinkle-reducing Bakuchiol, and 9 nutrient-rich oils to deliver deep-firming power and long-lasting moisture for a fresh, youthful complexion.

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Looking to try out face oils but unsure where to start? Look no further than our CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil. With powerful deep-firming abilities, this highly potent formula delivers long-lasting moisture and a fresh, youthful complexion. Featuring a carefully curated blend of 9 nutrient-rich oils, this formula is designed to preserve the quality of their fatty-acids and bioactive compounds. Infused with youth-activating Vitamin C, wrinkle-reducing Bakuchiol, antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, and CoEnzyme Q10, this treatment oil helps brighten and firm your complexion.

The addition of 3% Renovage™ and sustainably sourced Physalis Angulata Extract makes this Firming Oil extra powerful, helping to restore younger-looking skin and improve hydration. CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil has an indulgent texture that absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin, giving it the ability to retain extra nutrients. The result is a face oil packed with biologically-active properties, perfect for all skin types.


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