Anti-aging potential found in an invasive weed


Scientists have discovered a potential anti-aging ingredient in an invasive weed known as the cocklebur plant. In this article, we discuss the findings of the study conducted by doctoral candidate Eunsu Song and Professor Jinah Hwang from Myongji University in South Korea.

Cocklebur Fruit Extract for Skin Protection According to the study, compounds found in the cocklebur’s fruit have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect skin from UVB exposure and speed up wound healing. The extract from the fruit also appears to increase collagen production, which helps keep skin elastic and prevent wrinkles.

First Study on Cocklebur Fruit Extract The study is the first to examine the properties of the cocklebur fruit as a wound-healing agent and skin protectant. The researchers isolated particular compounds in the fruit extracts that contribute to these effects and tested their effectiveness on collagen production, wound healing, and damage from UVB radiation.

Considered a Noxious Weed Cocklebur is a plant native to Southern Europe, Central Asia, and China that has spread worldwide and is often considered a noxious weed. The plant’s fruits, which are covered in stiff husks and burrs, have been used for centuries in traditional medicines for various ailments.

Promising Ingredient for Cosmetics The potential of cocklebur fruit as a cosmetic ingredient is promising, and researchers suggest that it could be an attractive ingredient for creams or other cosmetic forms. However, finding the proper concentration of the fruit extract is crucial to commercializing it in cosmetics, and further studies are required to safely adapt the extract for cosmetic products.

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